The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Map of Nirn

Wonderful map from The Elder Scrolls universe which shows all (so far known) continents on the planet Nirn. The main continent Tamriel (Skyrim is in the North) is at the center. Akavir (east) – known to have been one of the original homes of the dragons. The Blades were originally from Akavir, where they were known as the Dragonguard. Atmora – frozen continent located far to the north of Tamriel, it was home to a race of men known as Atmorans around the Merethic Era. Aldmeris (south-west) – The Altmer claim that this continent was the birthplace of both elves and mankind. Pyandonea – island-continent located to the far south-west of Tamriel and home to the elusive Maormer. Thras – partially-submerged continent west of Tamriel. Yokuda (west) – dull, rocky, hilly, desert landscape. It is known to be the original home to the Redguards before they rendered it uninhabitable.



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