Star Citizen | Somebody got into my ship!

Friendlies are always welcome to join me in my ship for a trip (with my permission).
Please don’t come uninvited. Or… 😉

For the record – I shot two uninvited “guests” after their failure to respond to my questions, but the camera wasn’t on for the first kill.

I was in my Starfarer and preparing to take off from Port Olisar’s landing pad when I’ve noticed two unknown players running around in my ship. I asked few times in the General chat who are they, but didn’t get any answer, so I decided to have some fun with them 😈 I took the ship in space just out of  the Armistice Zone’s range. Both players were in the pilot’s cabin for my convenience, so I shot first the one sitting in my captains chair with a sniper. The second player didn’t reacted for awhile and I waited him to get up from his station and then shot him with an assault riffle. Unfortunately I was in a Comm’s range so my actions was registered as a crime. After that, I headed to Kareah to clean the blood on my hands.

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The video is recorded in Star Citizen alpha 2.6.3

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