Star Citizen | Scary empty ships

Captured my solo journey around Crusader’s distant asteroid fields, while doing the ICC missions chain in the baby PU of Star Citizen alpha. Despite the fact that currently (2.6.3) the playable area is just a ‘small’ region around a gas giant, the distances are VAST. And if you don’t have an active Quantum Drive/fuel in you ship – you are dead (the normal drive’s speeds are too slow for such a great distances).

I’ve strangely enjoyed floating only in my pressure suit in the middle of nowhere, millions of kilometers away from the closest station. The¬†emptiness and quiet of space combined with the view always give me chills. At some point I’ve found two destroyed Starfarers (fuel haulers) near Yela’s belt (27:15). Man…the wrecks were dark and scary! And on top of that I couldn’t turn on my flashlight (not sure if bug or the type of armor I wear) which made my experience even more immersive and frightening (in a good way).

The video is recorded in Star Citizen alpha 2.6.3