Star Citizen

Star Citizen

Star Sith-izen

I got inspired by one of the “Star Wars The Old Republic” scenes and put the light armor mask from the “Legacy Armor Update” video of Star Citizen on a Sith warrior’s face. Looks like a perfect match to me 🙂

And that is the video featuring the mask, Star Citizen: Around the Verse – Legacy Armor Update (Part 1), the mask is shown at 31:44

Star Citizen | Scary empty ships

Captured my solo journey around Crusader’s distant asteroid fields, while doing the ICC missions chain in the baby PU of Star Citizen alpha. Despite the fact that currently (2.6.3) the playable area is just a ‘small’ region around a gas giant, the distances are VAST. And if you don’t have an active Quantum Drive/fuel in you ship – you are dead (the normal drive’s speeds are too slow for such a great distances).

I’ve strangely enjoyed floating only in my pressure suit in the middle of nowhere, millions of kilometers away from the closest station. The emptiness and quiet of space combined with the view always give me chills. At some point I’ve found two destroyed Starfarers (fuel haulers) near Yela’s belt (27:15). Man…the wrecks were dark and scary! And on top of that I couldn’t turn on my flashlight (not sure if bug or the type of armor I wear) which made my experience even more immersive and frightening (in a good way).

The video is recorded in Star Citizen alpha 2.6.3

Star Citizen | Somebody got into my ship!

Friendlies are always welcome to join me in my ship for a trip (with my permission).
Please don’t come uninvited. Or… 😉

For the record – I shot two uninvited “guests” after their failure to respond to my questions, but the camera wasn’t on for the first kill.

I was in my Starfarer and preparing to take off from Port Olisar’s landing pad when I’ve noticed two unknown players running around in my ship. I asked few times in the General chat who are they, but didn’t get any answer, so I decided to have some fun with them 😈 I took the ship in space just out of  the Armistice Zone’s range. Both players were in the pilot’s cabin for my convenience, so I shot first the one sitting in my captains chair with a sniper. The second player didn’t reacted for awhile and I waited him to get up from his station and then shot him with an assault riffle. Unfortunately I was in a Comm’s range so my actions was registered as a crime. After that, I headed to Kareah to clean the blood on my hands.

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Use the code STAR-NKV4-D9RJ on account creation for 5,000 free credits (UEC – the in-game currency).

Lachev Inc. is recruiting. Everyone is welcome, no matter where are you from or what kind of ship you have.
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The video is recorded in Star Citizen alpha 2.6.3

Star Citizen – Quantum Travel to Crusader

I was testing with my good old Aurora how far from the planet I can get using the quantum travel (Star Citizen alpha 2.5)
It took around 3 “jumps” (or 4) to reach a distance where the quantum drive became inactive in that same direction (alpha gameplay limitation). I decided to record my journey on the way back to Crusader in Stanton star system and here we are.
It was little tricky to pick up the right destination on the ships interface, because all dots were packed really close.
After I reached Crusader I headed back to Port Olisar and landed on the platform.

Star Citizen – checking out the Freelancer space ship

A close look at the Freelancer space ship in Star Citizen Alpha.
My choice for exploration ship goes here so far. The ship has good visibility from the cockpit, beds for the crew, enough cargo space – it can carry a lot of stuff, huge back hatch (can fit big containers) and good weaponry. The size is big enough but not too much, you can park it easy. The turret on the back can turn 360 degrees which is very practical.

Just for the record in this video I’m in the Stanton star system and the planet (gas giant) at the background is called Crusader. Looks really HUGE from closer.

As you can see I had some clipping issues at the end of the video – I clipped through wall and the ship just flew away without me 😀

This is a common bug BTW and happens very often when you are close to a wall, especially if you are trying to sit or stand up from the seat in the cockpit, but let’s not forget this is just the alpha version of the game (alpha version 2.5)